Sculpture Art in the 20th Century
The 20th century is a colourful era. Various ideological trends and schools are constantly emerging and prevailing, and spread throughout the world, such as cubism, expressionism, futurism, surrealism, populism, abstract composition and image realism. No matter how different the forms and propositions of these schools are, they are all split from traditional arts. New forms of art.
One of the two mainstreams of sculpture in the 20th century was Kandinstein Broncussie (1876-1957).
Broncussie's contribution to modern sculpture is multifaceted. His most important contribution is the creation of a universal symbol, which is concise in form and emphasizes the basic attributes of form. Because of the rapid change and rhythm of modern life, as well as the disorder of things, people need to accept a simple and concise artistic form psychologically. The other is Cubist sculpture. The founder is Picasso, but the representative is Alexander Ajinko, born in Ukraine. His works are characterized by a unique rhythm and dynamic sense of contrast between solid plane and open volume, and by replacing the original solid or even protruding structure with a concave structure. Space flows and explores the transformation of positive and negative space. The Cubists are also represented by Raymond, Dusan Veron, Aung Lee Laurence and Jacques Lipschitz.
While Cubist sculptors created, Italian sculptors also created a different style - "futurism". Enmeto Pozzini declared: "Absolutely and completely abandon the Limited lines and closed sculpture. Let's open the human body and close the environment to the human body. "
在这两大主流之外较著名的流派还有构成派。构成派雕塑家瑙姆、加博、安·培布索奈(1886~1962)在创作中,用一种新的方式把物体所占有的空间进行了新的塑造,他们提出用空间、时间来取代量感,也通过构成雕塑寻求一种建筑新型的表现形式,对建筑作出了重要的贡献并采用和探讨了新型材料,从而把雕塑要素与建筑要素完美地结合在一起.贾克梅蒂(Giacometti,1901-1966)和塞尚(Cézanne,1839-1906) 虽然没有号称自己是激进的前卫艺术家,却都不满足于凭借前人的视觉经验观察物象。他们以非凡的勇气超越了传统绘画既定表现方式所制定的条条框框,形成了各自独特的画风。他们面对眼前的客观景象,企图抛弃固有的思想观念和观察习惯,重新审视,默默地寻求着新的属于艺术家自己的真实体验,这不免使他们同样地深深陷入视觉困惑的泥潭之中,因而在审美方式上存在许多相似之处。但是,他们毕竟生活在两个完全不同的时空里。由于不同的性格,不同的生活环境和人生体验,以及不同的视觉思维方式,也导致了画家审美特征的诸多差异。
Beyond these two major mainstreams, there are also more famous schools of composition. In their creation, Naum, Gabor and Ann Pebsonet (1886-1962), sculptors of the Constituent School, used a new way to shape the space occupied by objects. They proposed to replace the sense of quantity with space and time. They also sought a new form of expression of architecture through the formation of sculpture, and made important contributions to architecture. Giacometti (1901-1966) and Cezanne (1839-1906) did not claim to be radical avant-garde artists, but they were not satisfied with the visual experience of their predecessors to observe objects. With extraordinary courage, they surpassed the rules and regulations formulated by the traditional painting's established expression way and formed their own unique painting style. Faced with the objective scene, they attempt to abandon the inherent ideas and observation habits, re-examine and silently seek new real experience belonging to the artist themselves, which inevitably leads them to fall into the quagmire of visual confusion, so there are many similarities in the aesthetic way. But after all, they live in two totally different time and space. Because of different personality, different living environment and life experience, as well as different ways of visual thinking, there are also many differences in artists'aesthetic characteristics.


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